You are reading this book for a reason.  Perhaps you are already healthy and happy and you are looking for an extra edge.  Or perhaps you’ve looked in the mirror and you are totally disgusted at what you see.  Or perhaps you are somewhere in between.  Whatever the case is, it all starts with your Mindset.  

Mindset is the most powerful tool we have as human beings.  It can make us or break us.  We really are the outward display of our inner thoughts.  There is absolutely no mistaking that.  Our thoughts become our words, our words put us into action, our actions become our habits, and our habits lead us to our outcomes.  So, if we can change our thoughts…. BOOOM!!!!  Our outcomes will change.   See, it is a rather simple process when you write it all down because small changes in input equal large changes in output, if they are the right changes.   

So, whatever you are and wherever you are right now in this very moment in time reading this, I encourage you to do a few things.  First, wipe the slate clean.   Shake yourself like an etch-a-sketch (if you are younger than 25 reading this you may have no idea what that is), hit the reset button and reboot. I am giving you permission to do this.   It’s okay.   Stop all of the excuses you have been telling yourself because they haven’t worked for you in the past and they certainly won’t work for you in the future.  Stop selling yourself whatever story you are telling yourself that has gotten you to the point where you are at right now.  Guess what? It hasn’t worked.  That is the cold, harsh truth.   It is time to start telling yourself better stories with the best outcome possible.   Just try it and I promise you that you will see immediate changes.  You see, there is enough good in this world to go around and for everyone to be happy.  That’s the way the universe wants it for us.  All we need to do is ask.  Start thinking more positively and positive things will happen.  Do this in every facet of your life and you will be amazed at how many wonderful things happen in the course of a day.

I learned a long time ago that the story in your heart becomes the story of your life.  What stories are in your heart?  Are they great stories but have a hint of doubt?  And by doubt, I simply mean the pervading thought of “I’m not good enough or that could never happen to me.”  Remove all the doubt.  We get a chance, everyday, to write, direct and produce an epic blockbuster – we get to do this every single day that we wake up and breathe.  Cast yourself in an Emmy Award winning performance in all that you do and you will soon see that to become healthier and happier is not a secret at all.  Rather, it is a Mindset shift.  So, get your thoughts aligned to the outcome you want and the rest will fall into place.  That, I know for sure.